Aishwarya, Pharrell sizzle on latest ‘Vogue India’ cover

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American singer Pharrell Williams recently visited India and got a taste of all things Bollywood. He was even spotted at a Holi party hosted by none other than Ranveer Singh.

It was then rumoured that the Happy singer will be gracing the cover of an Indian magazine with a famous Bollywood actor. Turns out that the rumours – for once – were true. And much to our satisfaction, it’s  the one and only Aishwarya Rai Bachchan that Pharrell is seen hanging out with.

Needless to say, the duo looks spectacular on the Vogue India cover. Together, Ash and Pharrell “represent the boundary-blurring appeal of true global icons.”

In an exclusive interview with the magazine, the Jazbaa star revealed what it’s like to live a day as Aishwarya. “It’s busy! In the superlative,” she said. “I spend all my time with Aaradhya, and I have one nanny, by choice. I read comments saying, “Ah, she must have an army of help’ and I understand the perception, but I choose this way, which means life is always busy.”

Aishwarya further added, “I respect homemakers for the endless work they do. As far as downtime goes, it’s about perspective. If you believe you’re tired, you will be, so I choose to find pleasure in the moment and experience the present for what it is.”

The star is always in the spotlight for her red carpet looks (case in point the purple lipstick she wore to Cannes in 2016) . What does Aishwarya think newcomers need to know in order to stand out of the crowd and handle fame?

“Red-carpet events are a part of our public life — it’s familiar turf. I dress according to my role at, and the nature of, the event. With Cannes, I represent a cosmetics brand, and the atmosphere allows creativity to take flight,” said the Taal actor.

“When we did the purple lips, we were having fun, not trying to set a trend. But for me, this isn’t my first and last time — I like to try out different things,” added Ash.

In this digital age, the actor and former Miss World has managed to keep away from social media completely. How so? Or is Aish planning to debut on Instagram anytime soon?

“I’m not remotely averse to social media, but when it first began, it became a bit of a rat race of numbers, and I’ve never been into that,” said Aishwarya. “Also, social media is addictive. People use it to hide from and lose the human connect. It is, however, the present and the future and it’s great for connecting with fans, for voicing important issues and a great business tool for brands. I do recognise its value, and if I feel the need I’ll embrace it — transparently and honestly,” she continued.

The former Miss World also talked about her upcoming project, Fanney Khan. “In Fanney Khan, I’m playing a chapter in the narrative that I believe is intrinsic to the story,” revealed Ash.

Pharrell, on the other hand, opened up about his desired collaborations and the causes he cares about.

“I’m no role model; I’m just an advisor. That’s why as a producer, I’m able to push people in certain directions to find a uniqueness in their voice, their intentions and their purpose — that’s my job!” he said.

Does the singer think music needs to come with a message? “It doesn’t need to but it’s good that it does. I think everything we do should have some sort of message or intention, or else it’s just wasted energy,” continued Pharrell.

Is he a feminist though?

“I used to be scared of saying I’m a feminist because then someone would be like ‘Oh then why did you have these lyrics?’ but I am…because I believe in equality,” he says.


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