Studies show that eating nuts can reduce your risk of heart attack

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People are always on the lookout for healthy, organic and all-natural ways to fight serious illnesses. Potent pills and tablets that are produced by pharmacies can harm our organs in the long run too. So, we continuously search for an organic solution to health risks, like a heart attack. Luckily, studiesfrom an American university point to a certain popular snack which has long-term benefits to prevent dangerous cardiac arrest.

According to the studies presented by the American College of Cardiology, eating a fair amount of varied tree nuts, like walnuts, is connected to the -14% of getting a heart attack and -20% risk of dying from any other complications brought on by the stiffness of our arteries.

People who include the fruit in their dietary routine have reduced their risk to a heart attack by 13% compared to those who don’t eat any kind of nuts. But of course, further tests have to be conducted to solidify the connection between ingesting this type of food and their alleged benefits.

Dr. Emilio Ros from Barcelona said: “Ideally, further investigations should test the effects of long-term consumption of nuts supplemented into the usual diet on hard cardiometabolic events. “In the meantime, raw nuts, if possible unpeeled and otherwise unprocessed, may be considered as natural health capsules that can be easily incorporated into any heart-protective diet to further cardiovascular well-being and promote healthy aging.”

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