Here’s why you MUST shower at night and NOT in the morning


Yes, you heard that right! Indeed, when you decide to take a shower is your personal preference but bathing in the night has more benefits than taking a morning shower. Wonder why? Read on to know.

WHY YOU SHOULD SHOWER AT NIGHT: If you are a night-time shower lover, you have been doing it all right. According to experts, bathing before bedtime is important for your skin health, especially during summer and spring season. This is because after spending a long day, there are chances that your skin is covered in dirt, sweat and allergens. Before sleeping and for a sound sleep, you must clean your body and then hit your bed.

WHAT ABOUT A MORNING SHOWER? No doubt, showering in the morning is the best thing to start your day. Especially if you are not a morning person, showering in the morning can help in boosting your alertness and get you going. A morning shower helps in refreshing your senses and because of all morning errands, your body’s circadian rhythm increases your body temperature. Most importantly, if you are a regular gym goer or work out every day, you must take a shower, but only when your body temperature comes back to normal. So, continue taking shower in the morning but don’t forget to bathe before bed.

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